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The Impact

"I completed Smoke Divers in November of 1992 right out of the FSFC
minimum standards program. I was just getting started in the world of being a
firefighter. I wanted to be the best I could be and wanted to test myself. Being
young and inexperienced I knew that this course would teach me more about
myself than any other class offered at the time. I was not disappointed. After that
week I could do more with my bunker gear, SCBA and a few tools than I had ever
imagined. After finding my instructor with my poker chip in that burn building
from hell,  I felt that there was nothing the fire service or anything in life that could
challenge me more. It was a great confidence boost and when I started my
career, I felt I was ready. I carried myself with much pride and wanted to
challenge myself even more throughout my career, even completing Smoke Divers
a second time.


When I was on a rough call and felt beat down or did not think I
had more left in me I would remember those days and remind myself there was
much more I could give, I can still hear some of the instructors in my ear saying


"Don’t give up Coop you got this."

I would highly recommend Smoke Divers to anyone that wants to see what
they have. It shows the department that you work for that you are willing to go
that extra mile, you will not be getting a pay raise for this class. Your brothers will
see that patch or coin and know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to
complete any mission this job may send your way. The newer updated Smoke
Divers class focuses more on teaching FF survival which makes it one of the best
programs in the fire service for any Firefighter that wants to ensure that every
one goes home."

- Lt.  David W.  Cooper 

  MCFR Station One

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