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The Program

The Program

Florida Smoke Diver is a physically and mentally demanding program designed to challenge the most elite Firefighters in our profession.

In our training we should continually seek out the “dark moment of the soul”.

These moments should come frequently and be overcome.

The “darkness“ seeks out the "quitter" in us.

It’s the little voice in your head telling you to quit because you’ve “reached your limits”.

It’s up to you to figure out how to silence that voice when it starts to arise.

Focusing on your goals and finding the strength to trample over that voice is one of the hardest things to learn. If you are ever in a situation where your life and others lives depend on you overcoming one of your darkest moments you want to be physically and mentally calloused enough to know you can and will overcome.

The program will challenge you. The program will teach you. The program will change you. 

The Entrance Exam


Push Ups in 

2 minutes


Sit Ups in

2 Minutes


Mile Run in



Full PPE Obstacle Course

The Entrance Exam


The Mind

The Mind

As firemen, we grow in experience based on the amount of time we put into perfecting our craft. That goes for techniques and tactics, but also through sacrificing our bodies in blood, sweat and pushing past moments of pain.


Those all create scars.


Physically, mentally and emotionally.  Scars we can rely on to remind us what we are capable of when the time comes. They remind us that when adversity hits us in the face, that we can take that punch, shake it off and square up toe to toe not only on the fire-ground, but in life. It takes a conscious decision to live that way. It doesn't happen over night and some will never know their true limits because of fear and lethargy.


As for us, give us the scars. Its lighter fluid to our soul. 

- FF Matt Magee

Florida Smoke Diver

The Preperation

The Dates/Registration


For further information on our Selection Process, visit our Facebook page






The History

The 30-hour course, hailed by the college as the first of its kind in the United States, was crammed into one week so that students could get maximum participation in minimum time.The course was developed after William E. Clark, Fire College director, studied smoke diver programs during a visit to Sweden and Denmark.


European smoke divers are elite groups selected for experience and stamina and given intensified special training.


They are the only fire fighters assigned to do interior fire fighting under heavy smoke conditions.


-Fire Engineering 1972

The History
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